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Proper Selection and Sizing of Loose Type Flanges

Proper Selection and Sizing of Loose Type Flanges

May 10,2024

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Real and Fake Graphene

Most of the products labeled "graphene" on the market are not actually graphene. Rather, they are thin flakes of graphite that can be up to a few hundred layers thick.

The ISO standard (ISO/TS 80004-13:2017) launched the first standard related with 2D materials nomenclature where the classification is as follows:

  • Graphene: single layer of carbon atoms;

  • Bilayer graphene: two well-defined stacked graphene layers;

  • Few-layer graphene: consisting of three to ten well-defined stacked graphene layers.

MstnLand graphene with No. of layers between 2 and 5, is classified as few- layer graphene block in accordance with the ISO/TS 80004-13:2017


The following materials are commonly used in the market:


  • Graphene Oxide (GO): carbon compound with oxygen and hydrogen where the % of carbon is typically around 60-70 wt% 

  • Reduced Graphene Oxide (eGO): carbon material produced starting from GO with thermal or chemical reduction process, with a carbon content around 90-95 wt%

  • Graphene Nano Platelets (GNPs): thickness between 1 and 3nm and lateral dimensions ranging from ≈100 nm to 100 μm, it is essentially fine graphite, not graphene.


Lower quality graphene results in less useful for commercial products. Choosing MstnLand’s high quality graphene product will facilitate your application research.

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