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Graphene Uses and Applications in Cement and Machinery Lubricants

Graphene Uses and Applications in Cement and Machinery Lubricants

Sep 22,2023

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Slurry Oil Filtration System


Product Description

MstnLand's slurry oil filtration system is an integrated skid mounted filtration unit designed to filter catalytic cracking (FCC) slurry oil containing fine particulate impurities produced by petroleum refining process. It has exclusive metal powder sintered filter element, adopt unique surface filtration technology, with high filtration accuracy, large pressure difference resistance, efficient online backwash technology, not easy to plug, can ensure long-term stable operation. The skid mounted equipment with a complete control system (PLC), can realize the whole system automatic operation, without manual duty. The equipment with mature and stable technology, has more than 16 years of operating performance in Europe, Middle East, North America, East and South Asia.

  • Unique surface filtration technology enables filtration accuracy as low as 0.5μm.


  • The inside-out filter mode can avoid the accumulation of dust particles on the outer surface of the filter element, improve the reverse blowing effect and reduce the cleaning workload of the filter element.


  • The filter element is sintered by metal powder as a whole, without weld, to avoid uneven fracture due to stress.


Technical Specifications



Design flux of filter element

0.2~0.7m3 /m2·h

Solid content of the filtered slurry

≤50 ppmw

The designed service life of the container

≥15 years

Single filter running time


Operational flexibility


Corrosion allowance


Product Advantages

  • Unique metal powder sintered filter element, using unique surface filtration technology, with high filtration accuracy, large pressure difference resistance, efficient online backwashing technology, not easy to plug.

  • Long cycle stable operation, can ensure continuous operation of a cycle (≥4 years).

  • Advanced PLC or DCS control system, can be realized without manual duty.

  • Efficient gas assisted online backwash + infiltration backwash, backwash effect is good, can maintain a stable base pressure drop.

  • Small blowback, no large flow backflow pump, low operating costs.

  • Skid installation design, compact structure, small space requirements, small installation workload.

  • No mechanical pump equipment, less failure, less maintenance workload.

  • Suitable for raw materials containing various viscosity and particulate matter, particulate matter removal rate >99.5%.

  • The filter element replacement rate is low, the backwash cycle is stable, and the filtration performance is reliable.

Applicable Fields

  • Oil refining and petrochemical industry containing particulate matter catalytic oil slurry or other production units of oil slurry filtration Processing oily sewage in printing and dyeing,

  • Production enterprises of carbon black raw materials, Marine fuel, coking raw materials, needle coke/asphalt raw materials, residue cracking and hydrogenation raw materials, etc.

Project Case

  • FGO filtration project of Catalytic cracking unit (MFP renovation project) in a petrochemical enterprise

Raw material processing capacity


Dust content of the feed

200-1000 ppmw

Precision of the filter element


Particulate matter content of treated oil slurry



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