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Graphene Uses and Applications in Cement and Machinery Lubricants

Graphene Uses and Applications in Cement and Machinery Lubricants

Sep 22,2023

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union bonnet needle valve 1

Union Bonnet Needle Valve

MstnLand's series of Union bonnet needle valve has good tightness and long service life. Even if the sealing surface is damaged, it only needs to replace the vulnerable parts to continue to use. Needle valve has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, fastening connection, fire prevention, explosion-proof and high pressure resistance, good sealing performance and so on. It is an advanced connection valve in power station, oil refining, chemical equipment and instrument measuring pipeline.


Types of Union Bonnet Needle Valve

Body material:

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Brass,

Alloy steel 400 (monel), Dual-phase steel2205

Size range:


Pressure rating:


Operating temperature:

-54°~649°C (-65°F~1200°F)

End connection:

Threaded, Welded, Ferrule

Applicable medium:

Water, Steam, Oil, Sea water,

Mildly corrosive medium

Mode of operation:


Applicable industry:

Chemical & Petrochemical

Oil & Gas

Design & Manufacture:

ASME B16.34, ASME B16.11, ASME B16.5

The Benefits of Union Bonnet Needle Valve

●  Compact design.                                                                                                        

● Low operating torques.                                                                                            

● In-Line or Angle pattern.                                                                                          

● Panel mountable.

● Non-rotating stem tips.

●  Variety of stem tips.

●  Variety of end connections.

●  Straight and angle patterns.                                                                                     

●  Metal-to-Metal Seat.

Union Bonnet Needle Valve Applications

● Oil and gas equipments

●  Offshore technology

● Seawater desalination plants

● Chemical industry

● Bridges

●  Storage tanks

●  Medical Industry

● Civil Engineering

● Pressure vessels, reactor tanks, and heat exchangers

●  Rotors, impellers and shafts

● Power plants

●  Petrochemical

●  Shipbuilding industry

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