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Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

May 15,2023

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Stainless Steel V-port Ball Valve
Stainless Steel V-port Ball Valve

Stainless Steel V-port Ball Valve

Mstnland's series of V-port ball valves is an advanced quarter-turn control valve that can be used switch on and off and proportionally adjusted. The segment ball core is designed with a special V type notch, which owns accuracy flow control, small volume, big flow coefficient, and excellent sealing property. It is applicable to controlling gas, liquid, and solid particle medium. Owing to zero clearance rotation, there is a big shear force and self-cleaning property, especially applicable to controlling suspension with fibers, small solid particles, and solid grains.


Types of Stainless Steel V-port Ball Valve

Body material:

Cast iron/Cast steel/Stainless steel/other special materials

Size range:

NPS 1''-28''

Pressure rating:


Operating temperature:


End connection:

Wafer, Flanged

Applicable medium:

Petroleum, Chemistry, Papermaking, Polysilicon, Chemical fiber, Electric power, Metallurgy' self-control system. etc.

Mode of operation:

Manual &Automatic

Applicable industry:

Pulp & Paper

Environmental protection

Chemical petroleum

Chemical fiber


Pharmaceutical etc.

Design & Manufacture:


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