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Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

May 24,2024

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After-sales Service and Related Commitments

  • MstnLand international standard valve manufacturer provides regular free service for the equipment we undertake;

  • According to the requirements of the demander, provide technical guidance on use;

  • Ensure the supply of spare parts for maintenance;

  • Responsible for and guide the maintenance service, and provide regular guidance and maintenance;

  • Provide regular telephone or home return visits to consumers;

  • Deal with customers' letters, visits, and telephone complaints, and answer customers' inquiries. At the same time, we collect consumers' opinions on product quality in various ways and make timely improvement according to the situation.

Free After-sales Service Within the Guarantee Period

  • MstnLand implement complete after-sales service for full line products within the warranty period. For product quality problems arising from manufacturing process, we will carry out after-sales treatment through maintenance or replacement according to the actual situation;

  • MstnLand will arrange qualified and experienced personnel to contact the site to track the operation of the equipment. Guide routine inspection and maintenance of equipment on a regular basis. When necessary, design and implement a modification to ensure the normal operation of equipment and provide training to the staff of the demander in use and maintenance;

  • Provide product operation manual, training manual, process calculation book, drawing, and other related materials, and provide regular inspection and maintenance technical guidance for after-sales products;

  • In the last month of the warranty period of the equipment, we consult the owner to communicate the use of the equipment, and provide free parts for the parts that may be damaged for replacement, and demonstrate that their performance meets the requirements.

After-sales Service Out-of-guarantee Period

  • MstnLand provide lifetime free remote technical support for our industrial valves. And also provide paid on-site maintenance services according to customer requirements.