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Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

May 24,2024

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After confirming the valve parameters, quantity, delivery method and time with your customer service representative, your payment will reach our company's financial account, we will start production. After the completion of production, we will inform you to ship the goods at the port of shipment or according to your requirements, and deliver the goods to you by sea or air immediately after payment of balance payment.

Please note: every responsible sales representative of MstnLand standard valve manufacturer always pays attention to every order from the moment you place the order until your goods are picked up by the logistics company. However, we have no control over the logistics company, which means there may be inevitable delays/damage/loss of goods due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstance. When this happens to you, don't worry, our team will be here to solve these problems and provide you with an experience that you don't have to worry about.

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