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Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Apr 09,2024

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High-efficiency Eddy Air Floatation Separator


Product Description

MstnLand’s high-efficiency eddy air floatation separator belongs to a kind of air floatation equipment. It’s based on the conventional air flotation technology, the gas dissolution part and the dosing part have been improved in a breakthrough. The core part of the equipment is composed of microbubble air disintegrator, dosing system, air floating pool, slag scraping machine, oil discharge pump, oil slag conical buffer tank, which is designed as two skid mounted modules. And the two parts have been integrated into one component, which not only increases the effect of gas dissolution, but also reduces the land occupation and investment. It is mainly used for oil-water separation of production water in the oil production process, which can replace the inclined plate and air flotation device in the traditional process.


Product Advantages

As a new dissolved air flotation equipment, its various characteristics are better than traditional dissolved air flotation and eddy concave air flotation, such as high pollutant removal efficiency (more than 10 times of the traditional equipment), the generated scum dry and less, the space requirement is only about 20% of the traditional equipment. High-efficiency eddy air floatation separator directly completes the process of pressurized dissolved gas in the wastewater, and chemical agents are directly added into the dissolved gas water. The formed floc presents a mixture of solid, liquid and gas in the form of high pressure. When the pressure decreases, the dissolved gas in the floc slowly releases and grows, and the water in the floc is squeezed out. It can float up by itself in a few seconds without the help of external forces, thus achieving solid-liquid separation.

  • The pollutant treatment load is high, which is 8~10 times than the traditional air flotation.

  • The land occupation is small and the equipment volume is small.

  • The utilization rate of compressed gas and chemicals are high.

  • The rate of moisture content of scum is low.


Applicable Fields

  • Oily sewage in oil refining, chemical industry, metallurgy, cement, coal, biodiesel and other industrial processing industries.

  • Oily sewage in the processing process of printing and dyeing, paper making, leather, textile, baking, frozen food and other industries.

Project Cases

  • Oily sewage treatment project (5000m³/d) of an offshore oil platform


Raw sewage

Design index

The flow of Production water


containing oil mg/L



TSS mg/L





  • Oily sewage treatment project of an oilfield


  • Oily sewage treatment project of an petrochemical production facility (PDH)



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