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Butterfly Valve Actuation

Butterfly Valve Actuation

Feb 10,2023

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Cast Iron Globe Valves

Cast iron globe valve, also called water globe valve. It's used for commercial and industrial applications. Typical services include hot and cold water, HVAC, steam, gas and other general utility services. Their bodies are made from ductile iron or cast iron and have integral flanges which are available in two basic types;non-rising stem Inside Screw and rising stem Outside Screw and Yoke type. The inside screw type has the stem actuating thread within the pressure envelope and is non-rising. This type of valve is usually used for non corrosive and reasonably clean services and has a smaller overall height than the outside screw type. The outside screw, rising stem type has the stem actuating thread outside the pressure envelope and can be used on more active media where the fluid might otherwise have an adverse affect on the thread. 

Types of Cast Iron Globe Valves for Sale

As a professional cast iron globe valve factory, Mstnland provides high-quality cast iron globe valves for customers to choose from.

The Advantage of Cast Iron Globe Valves

Advantages of cast iron globe valve includes: Good shut-off performance, and moderate to good throttling capability; Shorter stroke (compared to a gate valve), The opening-closing time is shorter; Body ring seating surface method is less complicated, and easy to machine or resurface the seats; Available in tee, wye, and angle patterns, each offering unique capabilities;  With disc not attached to the stem, they can be used as stop-check valves, and they contain positive shut-off.

Working Principle of Cast Iron Globe Valves

Cast iron globe valve is a valve made by gary/ductile cast iron that acts on the principle of linear motion, which is used to start, stop, and regulate fluid flow. As the globe valve opens the disk moves upwards allowing the fluid to flow proportionally. In an open position, the valve stem rises and popped out at the top.

Cast Iron Globe Valves Operation

Cast iron globe valves are used primarily in situations where throttling of the commodity is required. By simply rotating the handwheel, the rate at which the commodity flows through the valve can be adjusted to any desired level.

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