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The Features and Performance of Butterfly Valve

The Features and Performance of Butterfly Valve

Jan 18,2023

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Cast Steel Check Valves

Cast Steel Swing Check Valve Function

Cast steel check valves prevent reverse flow in systems with horizontal forward flow utilizing a swinging flap. These valves are activated by the flowing material in the pipeline. The pressure of the fluid passing through the system opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve. Since the devices require a swinging motion to function, their use is limited to horizontal flows or vertical upward flows.

Cast Steel Swing Check Working Principle

A swing check valve is mounted with a disc that swings on a hinge or shaft. In swing check valves, when the medium flows downstream, the medium rushes through the valve flap and opens the valve, the pressure at which the valve opens are called cracking pressure. If the pressure of the medium falls below the cracking pressure the valve automatically shuts. When the medium flows back, the valve flap is sealed with the valve seat by the force of the medium, and the valve is closed.a flapper will swing away to allow forward flow of a fluid or gas. When it is time to stop the flow, the flapper will swing back onto the seat, closing the valve automatically as the system pressure decreases. 

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