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Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Apr 09,2024

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Selection Skills of Flanged Gate Valve

Flanged gate valves are not only widely used in the industrial field, but their influence in the civil field is also gradually expanding. Let's follow MSTN to understand the selection skills of flanged gate valves. The selection skills of flanged gate valves mainly include the following two points.


1. Structure and working principle of radiator flange gate valve

The temperature control in the user's room is realized by the radiator thermostatic control valve. The radiator thermostatic control valve is composed of a thermostatic controller, a flow regulating valve and a pair of connectors. The core component of the thermostatic controller is the sensor unit, that is, the temperature bulb. The temperature bulb can sense the change of ambient temperature to produce volume change, drive the valve core of the regulating valve to produce displacement, and then adjust the water volume of the radiator to change the heat dissipation of the radiator. The set temperature of the flange gate valve can be adjusted manually, and the flange gate valve will automatically control and adjust the water volume of the radiator according to the set requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the indoor temperature. The flanged gate valve is generally installed in front of the radiator, and by automatically adjusting the flow, the room temperature required by the residents can be achieved.

Flanged gate valves are divided into two-way flanged gate valves and three-way flanged gate valves. The three-way flanged gate valve is mainly used in a single-pipe system with a spanning pipe. Its diversion coefficient can be changed in the range of 0 to 100%, and there is a large room for flow adjustment, but the price is relatively expensive and the structure is more complicated. Some two-way flange gate valves are used in double-pipe systems, and some are used in single-pipe systems. The two-way flange gate valve used in the double-pipe system has a larger resistance; the resistance used in the single-pipe system is smaller. The temperature sensing package and the valve body of the flange gate valve are generally assembled into a whole, and the temperature sensing package itself is the on-site indoor temperature sensor. If necessary, a remote temperature sensor can be used; the remote temperature sensor is placed in the room that requires temperature control, and the valve body is placed in a certain part of the heating system.

2. Selection design of flange gate valve

The flanged industrial gate valve is the most important regulating equipment for the flow regulation of the heating system, and other regulating valves are auxiliary equipment, so the flanged gate valve is necessary. A heating system cannot be called a heat metering and charging system without a thermostatic valve. In the design of flanged gate valves, correct selection is very important. The purpose of the flange gate valve selection is to determine the KV value (flow coefficient) according to the design flow (under known thermal load) and the allowable resistance drop; then the diameter (model) of the temperature control valve is determined by the KV value. Therefore, the relationship between the KV value and the diameter must be given in the design atlas or the manufacturer's sample, otherwise it is not convenient for designers to use.

In the selection and design of flanged gate valves, it is by no means simply selecting a flanged gate valve with the same diameter as the pipeline and everything is done. Instead, it is necessary to create an ideal differential pressure working condition for the selected flanged industrial gate valve during the selection process. For this reason, the range of the preset value of the flanged gate valve must be given to prevent noise and affect the normal operation of the flanged gate valve. When there are more than two caliber choices under the same KV value, the flange gate valve with a small caliber should be selected first, and the purpose is to improve the adjustment performance of the flange gate valve.

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