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The marine and offshore industry operates in extremely challenging and harsh conditions, in addition to that all interruptions and downtime quickly results in high costs. This requires specialized flow control solutions where reliability, efficiency and safety is key.

As a valve wholesale supplier in China, we embrace harsh environments and caters to the need of the marine and offshore industries by providing excellent flow control solutions, ranging from simple water intrusion to special pressure requirements and corrosion.

MstnLand providing types of valves used onboard ship with premium materials ensures minimal maintenance and a prolonged life cycle. To prevent corrosion in aquatic environments our marine boiler safety valve is available in a wide choice of materials. They can be certified by a third party and classification society, these include, DNV and Lloyd’s Register. And our marine valves are made of high quality and certified materials based on the client requirements like EN, ISO or NORSOK material certifications.

What are the types of valves used in ships?

All ships have some type of valve systems to control the flow of fresh water, ballast water, pumping out of bilges, transferring of bunkers and for pressurising the hydraulic systems for various control operations. They come in all sizes and shapes and can be operated by almost all energy sources available on the ship including, manual labour. A variety of valves are used in the piping and machinery systems of the ship as per the need of the flow pattern of the liquid. All valves used on ships have the basic functionality of regulating the flow of the liquid in the pipes.

Types Of Valves Used On Ships

There are basically 3 main areas for which the suitable valves are used and these are –

1. Sea Suction – the valves that are directly connected to sea water suction points present in a ship.

2. Overboard – Here the valves work to discharge the wastes from the ship. The valves fitted here also come in contact with sea water.

3. Intermediate – The valves are neither connected to the suction points now to the discharge area.                                   

Mstnland Marine & Valve Supply

 In these 3 main categories there are different types of valves and function.

1. Gate Valves - It is the most common type of marine valve that is used in the majority of ships. These valves are intended to control the liquid flow through the pipes. They raise or lower similar to how a shutter gate works to perform the intended action.

2. Globe Valves - It is a marine valve that is used in ships for regulating flow through a pipe with the help of a movable disk and stationary ring seat. It can also allow for reverse flow with an angle valve.

3. Butterfly Valves - This type of valve is used in ships that operate heavily with fuel, lube oil, freshwater or chilled water systems. Butterfly valves are generally lightweight.

4. Relief Valves/Safety Valves - The pump engines of ships often go through rigorous pressure and to relieve this pressure and protect the ship components the use of Relief Valves is essential. When the pressure rises, the spring present inside the valve’s inside opens to release the pressure.

What is the function of marine boiler safety valve?

One of the most critical automatic safety devices in a marine steam system is the safety valve. It protects lives, equipment and property from potentially dangerous levels of temperature and forces caused by excessive steam system pressure.

Marine boiler Safety Valves protect the marine boiler from over pressurisation. As per the requirements, at least two types of safety valve in marine boiler should be fitted to the boiler and both are mounted on a common manifold with a single connection to the boiler. Boiler with super heater, normally three safety valves are fitted; two to the boiler drum and one to the superheater. The superheater must be set to lift first to ensure a flow of steam through the superheater.

Marine & Offshore Application:

  • Offshore oil-gas field

  • Offshore engineering

  • Shipbuilding industry

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