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Valves are used daily in mining industry. Valves used in mining sometimes affect the mining safety and mineral production. Without valves for mining industry, the work would be less efficient. In the mining industry, the applications are often very demanding. It present extreme processing environments that severely punish most mining valves. To withstand the chanllenges put by both working conditions and the raw material market, the valves used in mining need to be designed for the rough environment. Especially the highly abrasive and erosive slurry puts special demands on the valves to keep maintenance costs down.

MSTNLAND Smelting Plant Valves

MstnLand provides top rated mining and smelting plant valves, including knife gates, industrial butterfly valves, ball valves (e.g. high pressure flanged ball valves) and check valves combined with actuators. Valve accessories are used extensively in almost all types of specific mining applications where valve performance is required to handle difficult abrasive and slurry flow control applications. We can provide the required valve materials to meet the specific requirements of the demanding flow applications in the mining industry. Mstnland valves used in mining are available in a wide range of sizes with pressures in applications. such as SXEW, Leaching, acid plants, and smelters.

Mining Valves can be used in the following speccific fields:

  • Mine

  • Metallurgical refinery

  • Acid plant and so on

Valve and Mining: Insights into Mining Industry

The importance of valves for mining

Mining provides a large proportion of the raw materials needed for modern technologies. When the discussion with customers becomes the most critical valve installation in their process, it usually means that any potential safety hazard will absolutely destroy the application that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per day for transactions or process downtime. Valve factory of MSTNLAND wants to ensure reliable solutions for customers. Fortunately, working under the most rigorous process conditions is one of our strengths.

Mining valves play the most important role——in which part(s)?

High pressure, high temperature, high solid content and high acidity are the characteristics of our customers' daily work. The deposition of solids into pipelines and related mining process equipment is a challenge for many of our customers - and that's an area in which we can help. MSTNLAND valve solutions are designed to meet these demanding standards.

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