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The oil and gas sector supplies the fuels and lubricants used in everyday life. Extraction and processing of the raw materials often occur under rough conditions, particularly if they take place in extreme climate zones or offshore. This calls for particularly reliable and corrosion-resistant instruments with a long service life.

Valves for Oil and Gas Industry

MstnLand has constantly worked to make our valves the most reliable and repairable on the oil and gas market. MstnLand's high pressure valves and fittings for oil and gas producers are trusted for their worry-free operation, including fittings used in upstream drilling and production and valves and fittings used downstream in refining.

Our extensive range of a ball valve, a gate valve, a globe valve and a check valve are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry’s toughest applications from complete valve packages for LNG terminals and carriers to four-way switch ball valves for delayed coker systems. We have types of valves in oil and gas industry and are also widely used in boiler, fracturing, high-pressure cleaning system. You can choose our various valves to meet your application requirements.

Oil & Gas Application:

  • Onshore oil and gas field

  • Oil and gas transportation

  • Oil and gas storage

Types Of Valves Used In Oil And Gas Industry

Valves are essential parts of any piping system used to control the flow and pressure of contents, whether that is oil, gas, liquid, or vapors. Here is our list of 10 of the most commonly used types of valves used in the oil and gas industry.                                       

  1. Ball valves                                                                                    

  2. Bellow sealed types of valves                                                     

  3. Breather types of valves                                                              

  4. Butterfly valves                                                                            

  5. Gate valves                                                                                  

  6. Globe valves                                                                                

  7. ORBIT Types of Valves                                                                 

  8. Plug valves                                                                                   

  9. Pressure seal valves                                                                     

  10. ARV or ARC valves

Insights into Valves for Oil and Gas Industry

The importance of valves used in oil and gas industry

Due to the petrochemical plant, the most medium used in valve has the characteristics of inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosion, and the process is more complex, the process conditions are harsh, the construction period is long. Once the valve failure in the production, it will leak the medium and pollute the production environment, and it will cause fire, explosion and other events that damage the national public property and people's life safety. Therefore, the valve quality requirements in oil and gas industry are very high.

Special requirements for valves used in oil and gas industry

1. The valve shall have fire-proof and anti-static structure.

2. For valves with soft seals, the pressure and temperature parameters of their seals should meet the requirements of pipeline design conditions.

3. For low temperature system valves, long bonnet structure should be used.

4. For the elastic gate valve of the low-temperature system, an exhaust hole should be opened on the valve disc at the high-pressure side.

5. Valves with threaded bonnet shall not be used for extremely and highly hazardous media and liquefied pipelines.

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