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Paper remains indispensable, even in the electronic age. Whether we are opening the cardboard boxes from a recent online purchase, printing email correspondence in the office, reading the literature and magazines we love, or cleaning up the mess in the kitchen with paper towels, many of the products we utilize revolve around the pulp and paper industry. When making pulp and processing it further to get paper, large flows of media must be routed through the individual production steps in a defined time sequence.

The applications within the pulp and paper industry are often very difficult due to erosive, corrosive and high cycle services. Some of the most demanding applications include media such as calcium carbonate, lime, slurries and white-, green- and black liquor. These circumstances require a high quality valve with consideration to design features, abrasion resistance and wetted trim requirements.

MstnLand offers a full line of gate valve, globe valve, check valve, and ball valves to accommodate many of the corrosive chemicals found throughout a pulp and paper mill. Correct valve selection throughout the many phases of a pulp and paper mill is extremely important. Pressure, temperature rating, and body material construction, along with packing and gasket combinations all factor into selecting the correct valve for each paper mill application.

How to choose valves for pulp & paper plants?

Valve selection plays a critical role, and the importance of having a valve with the proper pressure rating, temperature performance, and chemical resistance is obvious. You can refer to the following points to choose pulp and paper valves:

1. Function: Isolation, Control or Mixing/Diverting

2. Process conditions: pressure rating, temperature range, chemical compatibility, consistency freedom and scaling tendency

3. Valve Operation: No leaking packing, valve seat leakage, valve operating frequency, fluid velocity, operating speed, accuracy and response speed performance through parts In any rolling mill environment, safety is paramount.

Other considerations include: the possibility of packing leakage, which could create a slip hazard for the medium on the walkway, fugitive discharge limitations, ease of operation and ergonomics associated with manual valve actuation, and lockout and limited space requirements Double Blocking - Exhaust needed.

Additionally, a requirement that is often forgotten in the pulp and paper process is boiling (removal of deposits) or solvent chemistry for removing scale or biological growth in pipes. Friends who need to buy pulp and paper valves, welcome to contact MstnLand.

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