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Whether it’s municipal engineering construction, civil building fire protection engineering project, or urban water supply and drainage system and living wastewater treatment system. These are inseparable from various types of valves.

MstnLand’s municipal valve product line covers almost all of these areas, even if you require some special types and sizes of non-standard valve products, we can also meet your requirements through client customization.

Municipal Application fields:

  • Municipal engineering

  • Fire protection engineering

  • Urban water supply and drainage system

  • Living sewage treatment system

Cases of Mstnland valve application in the municipal field

MstnLand International offers a range of quality solutions for municipal & regional services, including urban water supply systems, fire protection systems, district energy systems, natural gas distribution, waste-to-energy projects, and sewage and wastewater. We partner closely with customers to ensure a reliable and timely supply of critical equipment to support the vital infrastructure that our communities and economy depend upon.

The ideal option for municipal wastewater treatment systems

Municipal wastewater treatment approaches vary from traditional centralized systems to fully decentralised on-site systems. Centralized systems, usually publicly owned, collect and treat large volumes of wastewater for large communities. Conversely, decentralised on-site systems treat wastewater from individual homes and buildings. Between these two extremes, there are other intermediate treatment systems.

Each system certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. Several studies have investigated these advantages, criticisms and limitations considering social, economic and environmental issues. Although the present world seems to be moving towards decentralised systems, mainly due to significant investments to upgrade facilities at the end of their life cycle, it resulted that none of the approaches could be excluded a priori; generally, the different systems can be integrated with each other on the basis of the specific required situation.

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