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Butterfly Valve Actuation

Butterfly Valve Actuation

Feb 10,2023

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General Knowledge About the Selection of Gate Valve and Butterfly Valve

Ⅰ. Regular selection of gate valve and butterfly valve

In this artical, the regular selection of gate valve and butterfly valve will be inreoduced.

In selecting different types of butterfly valves and those of gate valves, we need pay attention to the follwing aspects.

  1. The gate valve is suitable for occasions where it is always kept fully open and fully closed, and is not suitable for throttling and flow adjustment.

  2. The stop valve is suitable for occasions where frequent switching is required. It can be used as a block valve. It is not used in two-way flow process pipelines and pipelines containing solid particles.

  3. The check valve is suitable for pipelines that prevent the medium from flowing back. It requires small impact force and low flow resistance. When the medium flow range fluctuates greatly, the check valve should be equipped with a buffer device.

  4. The butterfly valve has the functions of cutting off and opening. When the opening angle is 15° to 70°, the flow can be adjusted.

  5. The ball valve has the functions of cutting off, opening and moderate throttling, and can be used for pipelines with high viscosity and suspended particles.

  6. Ball valves used for pipelines that are used to convey materials that are extremely hazardous, highly hazardous and flammable medium should adopt anti-fire (resistant) and anti-static structures.

The structure of the valve deck with thread connection should meet the following requirements:

  1. The valve deck with internal thread connection should be used for gate valves and stop valves with a nominal diameter less than or equal to 50MM.

  2. The valve deck with external thread connection should be used for valves with a nominal diameter less than or equal to 80MM.

The structure of the valve deck connected by thread should meet the following requirements:

  1. Pipelines that may produce stress corrosion and crevice corrosion used in types of valves used onboard ship.

  2. Pipelines with frequent pressure pulsation and temperature changes.

  3. Pipelines which are used to convey extremely hazardous media, highly hazardous media and liquefied hydrocarbons

  4. Steam pipes with a nominal pressure exceeding 1.6MPa.

Ⅱ. Guidance on selection of various valves, including gate valve and butterfly valve

In the production process, in order to make the pressure, flow and other parameters of the medium meet the requirements of the process flow, it is necessary to install an adjustment mechanism to adjust the above parameters. The main working principle of the adjustment mechanism is to achieve the purpose of adjusting the above parameters by changing the flow area between the valve clack and the valve seat. These types of valves are collectively referred to as control valves, which are divided into self-driving control valves such as pressure reducing valves and stabilizing valves that rely on the power of the medium itself. Those driven by other power (e.g. electric power, compressed air, or hydraulic power) are called the other-driving control valve, such as electric control valve, pneumatic control valve and hydraulic control valve.

The strength performance of the valve refers to the ability of the valve to withstand the pressure of the medium. The valve is a mechanical product that bears internal pressure, so it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure long-term use without cracking or deformation.

A good product should boast a high quality, and the most important thing is that everyone should understand it, be familiar with it, and use it reasonably in order to give it full play.

The selection of different types of valves must be on the basis of the principles of safety, applicability and reliability.

Economy is not only related to the price of the product, but also to the function and quality of the product, as well as the cost of installation, maintenance and other accessories.

More importantly, a valve occupies very little cost in the entire control system and even in the production line. If you blindly pursue a product with a small price and make a wrong choice, the damage will be huge.

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