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The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

Feb 18,2024

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Top 10 Valve Manufacturers In China

The global valve output value will be 64 billion dollars in 2019, 73.2 billion dollars in 2020 and 76 billion dollars in 2021. The compound growth rate of global valve output value was basically maintained at about 3%. It is estimated that the global valve output value will reach about 90 billion dollars by 2025. Among them, China's valve market output value is 6.27 billion dollars, accounting for 8.6% of the world market. China's valve market is huge. This article lists the top ten valve manufacturers in China.

Table 1: Top 10 Valve Manufacturers In China

Yuanda Valve Group Co., Ltd.Hebei
Xiamen Dervos Valves Industry Co., Ltd. Xiamen
Sanhua ValveZhejiang
Langao ValveLanzhou
Neway ValveSuzhou
China Valves Technology (Changsha) Co. LtdXiamen
Ningbo Amico Co., Ltd.Ningbo
Beijing Valve General Factory Co., LtdBeijing
Jiangnan ValveZhejiang
Shentong Valve Co., Ltd.Jiangsu

Yuanda Valve Group Co., Ltd. located in the hinterland around the Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai economic center, it’s founded in 1950s, restructuring on the basis of the former mechanical ministry longyao valve factory. It is the largest valve manufacturer in China engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling middle pressure and low pressure valves. 


Xiamen Dervos Valves Industry Co.,Ltd is a one-stop industrial valves supplier founded in June, 2008. It integrates R&D, manufacture, resource integration and trade service into one. For 12 years, it has been committed to finding solutions for our customers and providing professional service in respect of both general and specialized valves.


Sanhua is a leading HVAC&R manufacturer of controls and components with a global footprint and 30 years of experience. The co-operation with the largest companies in the Automotive, Appliance and HVAC&R industry makes Sanhua a leading worldwide OEM supplier providing the highest quality components.


Langao Valve Co.Ltd. is a set design, development, production, sale and service professionals filter manyfacurers, energy-saving steam trap, separator, exhuast valve, such as pipeline companies supporting equipment.

Neway Valve is one of leading valve manufactures with the advanced valve plant in the world who can cover a complete valve program in order to satisfy the demand and requirements of our clients.The entire manufacturing process is being controlled in-house, starting with our own R&D center, three foundries and high end assembling & testing plant.


China Valves Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd., located in Changsha, Hunan province, is a subsidiary of China Valves Technology Inc., and its predecessor is Changsha Valve Factory which had a great reputation among Chinese valve manufacturers. The company possess of modern workshops, advanced manufacturing, processing and testing equipment. 


Ningbo Amico Copper Valves Manufacturing Inc. manufactures and distributes valve products. The Company produces check valve products, ball valve products, butterfly valve products, float valve products, and other related products.


Beijing Valve General Factory Co., Ltd, the abbreviation BVMC, established in the year 1952 with the history of than 60 years of valve design and manufacturing and is the key enterprise of former National Mechanical Department producing high and middle pressure valves.


Jiangnan Valve has been focusing on the design, manufacture and marketing of butterfly valve that are used mainly in Water Treatment, Power Generation, Upstream Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical, and Paper & Pulp industries with more than 30 years experience in the valve industry.


Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd. is a China-based company principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of industrial valves. The Company provides BFG all dry dust removal system, Converter gas dust and recovery system, coke oven flue gas dust removal system, special valves of gas pipeline network system, which are used for metallurgy industry, coal chemical industry, ultra (ultra) supercritical thermal power industry, LNG cryogenic valves, and petroleum and petrochemical special valves.


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