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Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

May 15,2023

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Ceramic Core Hard Sealing Ball Valve
Ceramic Core Hard Sealing Ball Valve

Ceramic Core Hard Sealing Ball Valve

MstnLand's series of Ceramic core hard sealing ball valve, the valve core and valve seat are made of alumina, silicon carbide that is high hardness, corrosion-resistant engineering ceramics, through 1680℃/2100℃ high-temperature sintering, valve core and valve seat are precision grinding so that the ball valve sealing surface is not only high hardness but also suitable for all kinds of the medium that contain high hardness particles and high erosion. And the service life is longer than the general ball valve, the opening and closing times are more than 100,000. The chemical inert of ceramics is more suitable for a variety of acid and alkali corrosion, high salt corrosion and other fields.

In addition, the patented pressure self-balancing structure makes the torque of the ball valve only 1/4 of the general ball valve, easy to open and close, the power required when the electric drive is less, the overall structure size is more compact and delicate, the installation is more flexible and convenient, and the limitation of installation space is greatly reduced. Its sealing performance is reliable, before leaving the factory, it will go through more than 30 testing procedures such as air pressure, water pressure tests to ensure the sealing performance.


Types of Ceramic Core Hard Sealing Ball Valve

Body material:

PPO, PPH, UPVC, CPVC, Stainless steel316L

Size range:

DN 15- DN100

Pressure rating:


Operating temperature:


End connection:

Glue: UPVC

Flanged: UPVC, 316L

Threaded: PPO, PPH,316L

Clamp: 316L

Hot-melt: PPR

Applicable medium:

Water, Oil,  Acid and alkali medium,

High salt corrosive media

Mode of operation:


Applicable industry:

Chemical & Petrochemical

Oil & Gas

General industrial

Water & Water treatment

Design & Manufacture:


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