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Butterfly Valve Actuation

Butterfly Valve Actuation

Feb 10,2023

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Three Characteristics of Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage, municipal construction and other industrial pipelines with medium temperature ≤ 425 ℃ to adjust flow and cut off fluid. The material of triple eccentric butterfly valve can be divided into: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, let me briefly introduce its main features!

When choosing a butterfly valve, this comparison is often encountered: concentric vs eccentric butterfly valve. Compared with concentric butterfly valve, eccentric butterfly valve is more foreign to people. This article is about to describe eccentric butterfly valve in detail.


1. Double safety structure of triple eccentric butterfly valve

In strict accordance with the specification requirements, in order to prevent the deformation of the disc caused by the influence of fluid pressure and temperature, the dislocation of the valve stem and the occlusion of the sealing surface, two independent thrust rings are installed on the upper and lower sides of the disc to ensure the The valve can work normally under any working conditions; at the same time, in order to prevent the sudden accident caused by the damage and flying of the valve stem caused by unknown reasons, independent valve stem flying-out prevention mechanisms are designed at the inner and outer parts of the lower end of the valve. This also ensures that the pressure level can be as high as 2500 pounds from the side.

2. Replaceable sealing pair of triple eccentric butterfly valve

The sealing pair is unique, not only the valve seat of the body can be replaced, but also because the sealing surface of the butterfly plate and the butterfly plate are independent, the sealing surface of the butterfly plate can also be replaced. It is only necessary to replace the sealing surface of the butterfly plate when transporting it back to the manufacturer or disassembling the valve in a large scale, which not only greatly reduces the maintenance cost, but also greatly reduces the maintenance man-hours and the strength and difficulty of the maintenance.

3. Balanced fixing structure of triple eccentric butterfly valve

Starting from the shape characteristics of the sealing surface of the triple eccentric butterfly valve, the fixing method of the sealing pair adopts the oval distribution of bolts, which is not only accurate in positioning, but also makes each bolt evenly stressed, preventing the sealing pair caused by uneven stress distribution. loose, leaking.

4. No dead zone design of triple eccentric butterfly valve

In the design process, special consideration was given to the application in the field of regulation, and the sealing principle of the triple eccentric butterfly valve was fully utilized, so that the disc did not scratch the valve seat when the valve was switched on and off, and the torque of the valve stem was directly transmitted to the sealing surface through the disc, that is to say, there is almost no friction between the disc and the valve seat, thus eliminating the common jumping phenomenon when opening ordinary valves, and eradicating the control failure caused by various unstable factors such as friction in the low opening range of the valve. phenomenon, i.e. eradication of dead zones.

5. Body seat structure of triple eccentric butterfly valve

There are two types of seat installation structures for triple eccentric butterfly valves. Most of them are installed on the butterfly plate for convenience. The body seat structure is adopted, and the valve seat is installed on the body. Its advantage is that compared with the butterfly plate valve seat, it greatly reduces the chance of the valve seat directly contacting the medium, thereby reducing the degree of erosion of the valve seat and prolonging the service life of the valve seat.

6. Thin-layer valve seat structure of triple eccentric butterfly valve

The valve seat is made of stainless steel sheet and graphite sheet. This structure can effectively prevent the influence of small solids in the medium and the possible occlusion of the sealing surface caused by thermal expansion. Even if there is slight damage, there will be no leakage. This is unthinkable for double eccentric butterfly valves or other triple eccentric butterfly valves.

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