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Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

May 24,2024

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Detailed Explanation of the Technology of Check and Globe Valves

I think the globe valve and check valve are already common conventional valves, but MSTN International Technologies Company will describe their opening and closing techniques, axis distance, and application environment in detail.

1. The globe valve's technical specifications

The globe valve's opening and closing part is a round flap, the sealing surface is flat, tapered, or spherical, the flap is driven by the valve stem, along the valve seat (sealing surface) for linear lifting movement, the valve stem opening or closing stroke is relatively short, with a very reliable cutting off action; globe valve's flap (opening and closing part) can be connected or cut off the pipeline medium along the direction of the valve seat axis movement; globe valve's Because of the globe valve's simple structure, once it is open, it is no longer in contact with the sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve flap, resulting in low sealing surface mechanical wear, low friction between the sealing surfaces, long life, ease of manufacture and repair, and good adjustment performance, making it extremely popular. MstnLand is a professional China globe valves supplier which has our own globe valve factory. We supply many high performance globe valves.   

A globe valve is a typical cut-off valve that is primarily used to connect or disconnect the medium in a pipeline, rather than to regulate flow. Although the pressure and temperature ranges for globe valves are vast, they are most commonly utilized for medium and small diameter pipelines. According to the varied construction of the valve body, globe valve is separated into straight globe valve, DC cut-off stop valve, angle globe valve and plunger globe valve. Several systems in the globe valve require no leakage, in the packing seal at the same time to enhance the bellows seal, double sealing to guarantee The valve is kept leak-free in some key systems in recent years, with the development of the military, nuclear power, and other sectors.

2. Check valve's technical specifications

Industrial check valves are valves that open and close automatically in response to the force of the medium and can prevent fluid backflow. On the pipeline, it's used for one-way medium flow. The fluid is pumped from the intake to the output. When the pressure on the intake side is lower than the pressure on the exit side, the valve flap closes automatically to prevent fluid backflow due to the fluid pressure differential, gravity, and other reasons. The swing check valves, lift type check valve, and butterfly check valve are all often utilized.

There are two types of the lift type check valve: vertical and horizontal. Single-valve, double-valve, and multi-flap swing check valves are classified as single-valve, double-valve, and multi-flap check valves, respectively, whereas butterfly check valves are classified as straight through. Swing check valves have a similar body form to gate valves, and the valve flap revolves around a pin connected to the body to connect or disconnect the pipeline.

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