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Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Apr 09,2024

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What Is The Future Development Prospect And Trend Of Valves In China

The market competition draws our country's valve round and round of fierce competition, the development trend of the future valve is the focus of peer concern. Market analysts believe that the four-valve development trend will be a considerable period of time the main topic of the market.

Engineering Energy-saving Valve Alignment Series

Development of large, small, and new series of products, such as small valve, large valve, and caterpillar high set drive valve; Develop variable speed products, such as wetland type, super wetland type, desert type, shrub type, high temperature, and high-pressure type such as high pressure flanged ball valves, low temperature, and low-pressure type valve, heavy valve and light valve; Develop multi-functional, multi-purpose products, so as to achieve a multi-purpose valve, high efficiency, and energy-saving. Promising products are large valves, mechatronics wheel regulating valve, high power tracked gate valve, new tracked ball valve series, small butterfly valve.

The hydraulic control valve is a valve multi-purpose development of the good performance of the hydraulic control valve, such as emissions, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, resistance to friction, zero leakage of the hydraulic control valve, the development of integration technology, computer technology, high level of monitoring technology of hydraulic control valves, development operation good reliability, high security, comfort good product.

Intelligent electric control valve aims at remote control to develop high-performance large control valve to meet the needs of major engineering projects in China, develop micro control valve to meet the needs of narrow operations such as ditching, digging channels, and burying cables, and develop new varieties of control valve to meet the needs of power stations, petroleum, coal, water conservancy, farmland, and urban construction. Develop an intelligent electric control valve that can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of operators under various working conditions.

Promising Products Are

Large and medium-sized intelligent electric control valve, micro intelligent electric control valve, remote control intelligent electric control valve. Valve to the general development of high safety, high reliability, and good performance of high-level products, the development of advanced electronic technology of the valve integration of large valves, the development of deformation products to the general, standardization, serialization direction.

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