Proper Selection and Sizing of Loose Type Flanges

Proper Selection and Sizing of Loose Type Flanges

May 10,2024

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CNOOC Announced The Completion Of China's First Offshore Intelligent Gas Field Group

Recently, China National Offshore Oil Corporation announced that my China's first offshore intelligent gas field group, the Dongfang Gas Field Group, has been fully completed, and offshore oil and gas production and operations have entered an era of intelligence and digitalization. The Dongfang gas field group consists of 10 offshore production platforms, 1 land processing terminal, and several subsea oil and gas pipelines. It is currently the largest self-operated gas field group in the western South my country Sea. After nearly 20 years of development and construction, the annual output of natural gas exceeds 5.7 billion cubic meters, which is the main source of gas for people's livelihood and industry in Hainan Province.

The Completion Of China's First Offshore Intelligent Gas Field Group

"After the completion of the smart gas field group, the gas field production can be remotely controlled to realize the one-key gas distribution'. On the one hand, the distribution of different temperaments can be completed instantly according to the needs of different users, which greatly improves production efficiency; on the other hand, in typhoon Under severe and extreme weather conditions, it ensures the safety of personnel while ensuring the stability of the people's livelihood gas supply." said Tang Guangrong, deputy general manager of CNOOC Hainan Branch. He introduced that under the control of the "one network" of intelligent gas fields, the production of offshore gas fields is safer and more efficient. The intelligent transformation shortens the time for the offshore platform to resume production after shutting down to one-sixth of the original; the intelligent gas distribution system can analyze and diagnose the entire upstream and downstream process conditions of the gas field group as a whole, making the gas distribution speed of the gas field group faster than before Increased by nearly 10 times; intelligent inspection robots and real-time monitoring equipment have higher precision and accuracy than traditional manual inspections, and the safe production of gas field clusters is more guaranteed.

The intelligent gas field group project consists of three parts: unmanned offshore wellhead platform, less humanized transformation of central platform, and construction of onshore production control center, including nearly a hundred transformation projects. Since 2018, CNOOC Eastern Operations has begun to renovate the wellhead platform, and in 2019 built my country’s first unmanned wellhead platform that can be remotely controlled to resume production, breaking through the previous manual that must send someone to the platform after production shutdown. The technical difficulty of resuming production reduced the original 2 hours of resuming production time to 20 minutes. In 2020, Dongfang Operations will complete the three major intelligent projects of "platform automatic gas distribution, equipment intelligent detection, and intelligent machine inspection", and realize the lack of humanization of the central platform.

The intelligent production control center, which was connected to the grid and put into use on April 29, integrates the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. It conducts real-time monitoring, early warning and diagnosis, remote control, integrated sharing, collaborative operation, and auxiliary decision-making for the entire process of oil and gas field development and production. , Which strongly promoted the restructuring of offshore oil and gas field business, the optimization of management processes, the improvement of management efficiency, and the reform of management mechanisms.

At present, CNOOC has 29 platforms in various sea areas, which have realized unmanned transformation. The proportion of unmanned platforms reached 11.3%. In the next step, CNOOC will promote the construction experience of smart gas field clusters throughout the sea, and promote the high-quality development of my country's offshore oil and gas development and intelligent equipment R&D and manufacturing.

CNOOC Chairman Wang Dongjin said that the completion of the offshore intelligent gas field cluster is one of the landmark achievements of CNOOC's digital transformation. In the future, CNOOC will accelerate the creation of a "smart brain" for offshore oil and gas exploration and development, and actively promote it through digital transformation. Management reform, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, to realize the leap from traditional management mode to modernization, digitalization, and intelligence, to provide important support for the high-quality development of my country's offshore oil industry.

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