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Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

May 24,2024

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What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Adjusting and Safety Valve

1. Similarities between adjusting and safety valve

During use, if the pressure of the system is too high, the safety valve will trip. The pressure adjusting valve can set the pressure standard. When the pressure is higher than this standard, the valve opens, otherwise, the valve closes. In this sense, adjusting valve can be regarded as a safety valve.

2. Differences between adjusting and safety valve

Safety valve is used to protect pipelines or equipment. The pressure is very high, and it is released. Whereas, the adjusting valve is to stabilize the downstream pressure, mainly to ensure the downstream flow stability. In short, the safety valve is used to keep the front pressure of the valve stable, while the adjusting valve is used to maintain the valve after the pressure is stable. Of course, the two cannot be interchanged.

The safety valve can automatically open and close according to the working pressure of the system. Generally, equipment or pipelines installed in a closed system protect the safety of the system. When the pressure in the equipment or pipeline exceeds the pressure set by the safety valve, it will automatically turn on the pressure to ensure that the pressure of the medium in the equipment and pipeline is below the set pressure, so as to protect the equipment and pipeline and prevent accidents. The adjusting valve is used to regulate the flow, pressure and liquid level of the medium. According to the signal of the regulating part, it is automatically controlled to open, and the adjustment of medium flow, pressure and liquid level is realized. In general, the safety valve is opened in an accident state. After opening, physical verification is theoretically required, and the regulator is open, which can adjust the flow or pressure under normal conditions.

Safety valve is a safety design for single equipment or pipeline. When the pressure is too high, it will automatically hop off and restore the pressure to the normal state. At the same time, it plays a protective role to prevent the equipment from being damaged or having an accident due to the excessive pressure. For example, the lever loaded safety valve is a valve that is used to adjust the pressure in a high temperature environment. As a regulator for controlling process parameters, it aims at stabilizing or regulating the temperature, pressure, flow rate or liquid level points upstream or downstream. Safety valve is belong to the safety accessory generally used on pressure vessels. If the safety valve cannot be adjusted by itself, it must be checked after adjustment.

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