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What is an oil-water separator?

What is an oil-water separator?

Jun 10,2023

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What Are The Commonly Used Materials Of Valves

The commonly used materials for valves usually have gray cast iron(HT200, HT250), malleable cast iron(KTH350-10, KTH450-6), spheroidal graphite cast iron(QT400-15, QT450-10), carbon steel(WCA, WCB, WCC, A105, 20#), stainless steel(CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M, 304SS, 304LSS, 316SS, 316LSS, 310SS, 2520, 321, two-way steel), copper(brass,red copper, copper alloy), aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, ceramic, fiberglass reinforced plastic, plastic, lining.

That's why there are so many questions about the comparison of two kinds of valve made of different materials, such as brass vs bronze valves, brass vs bronze ball valves, bronze valve vs brass valve, brass vs stainless steel ball valve etc..

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