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The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

Feb 18,2024

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Valve Industry Development Trend

At present, a new round of industrial revolution is emerging in the world. In terms of production mode, manufacturing is characterized by digitalization, networking, and intelligentization. Faced with the new trend of intelligent manufacturing led by the innovation of information network technology, it is an inevitable choice for valve manufacturing enterprises to promote automation and intelligent deep integration.

1.Development Status of Valve Industry

As indispensable industrial equipment in the national economy, the valve is indispensable mechanical equipment in all walks of life. In industrial enterprises, the valve has a huge potential role in production. How the quality of the valve will, to some extent, have an important impact on people and production safety, product quality, and production efficiency. Especially closely related to the people's lives of the construction industry, water supply, heating and so on have a certain interest. Therefore, valve products, such as gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, regulating valves, and globe valves, have received more and more attention from society. Valve products are indispensable to the development of modern industry, and their product quality plays a positive role in the production of enterprises.

The valve is the most widely used product in various industries, due to the increasing demand, the market development space is large, so that valve manufacturers keep emerging, in the formation of an active market situation at the same time, the competition has become increasingly fierce. With the change of the marketing, gradually enter the international market of China, the largest valve production, the enterprise faces significant challenges that makes China's valve, the valve China starts relatively late, the technical level is relatively backward, and some high technical content of the valve can only rely on imports, also hard to break through the threshold, it also makes the valve has been to the main cause of quantity expansion, therefore, the current must strengthen technology research and development ability, only high technology products in a breakout, solid valve on the market and international market in China.

Facing the "made in China 2025" put forward by the country, valve people to deliberate, how to reduce the gap with foreign advanced valve, in order to improve our development of some problems, to overcome the development of the harmonious problem, find the right point of development, jointly promote the revitalization and improvement of the valve industry.

2. The Valve Industry "Short Board" Prominent

  • Unreasonable industrial structure and serious overcapacity

After the rapid development of the valve industry in previous years, the over-expansion of industrial capacity and the deterioration of the market environment, although the total demand has increased year by year, far behind the increase in supply capacity, such as ball valve, gate valve, globe valve product homogenization competition is increasingly fierce. The contradictions of low product quality, subordination of key core technologies to others, backward industrial management, lack of well-known brands, and extensive development mode, which have long restricted the development of the industry, have made it urgent to transform and upgrade the industry.

  • Weak independent innovation ability and low product quality

According to fluid mechanics, the Japanese company installed a throttle valve in the faucet to control the flow of water and prevent it from splashing on clothes. But domestic enterprise is done very hard, this also is foreign faucet can sell 10 thousand RMB above, domestic can only sell a few hundred RMB even dozens of RMB reason. Valve enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, from the quantity, scale expansion to more focus on the pursuit of quality, efficiency, to promote the benign development of China's valve industry. And limited by technical barriers to other small and medium-sized valve enterprises, can consider the floor heating water collector and other valve demand of large emerging segments, enhance engineering supporting capacity, increase the added value of valve products.

  • Lack of world-renowned brands and multinational enterprises

Now the valve industry most products are of low grade, varieties of repeatability. Many enterprises are often what valve production, variety, specifications miscellaneous, what the market needs to produce what, want to do what put into production. Some enterprises lack innovation, not to mention products with independent intellectual property rights. Some still learn from, copy or copy others' products. Enterprises without their own brand products, like a road to the black, let alone develop strong, unable to cope with the fierce market competition. China currently lacks valves manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights, such as professional vertical check valve manufacturers, non rising stem gate valve manufacturers and lift check valve manufacturers.

  • Imperfect industry standardization

China's international standards account for less than 0.5%, more than twice the "standard age" of Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other developed countries. With the continuous development of valve technology, the valve application field is expanding, and the corresponding valve standard is becoming more and more indispensable. Valve industry products enter a period of innovation, not only the product category needs to be updated, but enterprise internal management also needs to deepen the reform according to industry standards.

3. The Valve Industry In The Future Development Of Six Trends

From the perspective of the manufacture of high-end valves such as key valves for large super (super) critical thermal power units, key valves for millions of nuclear power plants, and key valves for the large-scale petrochemical industry, tan Jian Rong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that in the future, the valve industry will present six development trends:

From mass production to customization. In the future, the valve will be customized to extreme working conditions such as low temperature, super high temperature, high pressure, and zero leakage.

From low-end processing to high-quality manufacturing. Flexibility, agility, intelligence, information, and so on have become the development trend of valve manufacturing technology. The industry gradually began to apply some advanced, precision and a high degree of automation valve processing equipment, such as CNC copy milling machine and other precision and efficient equipment, especially the special processing technology of valve forming surface research and development, so that the precision and surface roughness of valve processing has been greatly improved.

From single satisfaction type to multi-condition adaptation. As the material, machining accuracy, the optimization, and development of design method, petroleum, chemical industry, power stations, long-distance pipelines, aerospace and Marine areas such as oil valves to size, high precision, high strength, high-reliability direction, request parts more and more complex, the valve more flexible in form, need to meet the needs of high and low temperature, high and low voltage condition.

From empirical design to digital design. In order to realize the transformation from primary product processing to advanced product manufacturing, valve enterprises need to change the development mode of "design-trial-product-experimental-modification" and make the best use of advanced digital design means to improve quality and innovation and reduce cost.

From traditional valve development to the intelligent valve. With the rapid development of sensor and electronic control technology, valve products have developed from single mechanical control to intelligent servo amplifiers, digital operators, and other control products.

From the information island development to the big data iot. The era of big data brings about convenient resource acquisition and efficient design efficiency. Valve enterprises can create user demand through the innovation of the Internet of things and big data analysis technology, the integration of internal and external data, remote service diagnosis, interact with users anytime and anywhere, and quickly produce and iterate their own products.

4. The Industrial Internet Is The Key Foundation

Industrial Internet is an "end-pipe cloud" architecture composed of "intelligent machine" + "network" + "industrial cloud platform", which can realize the comprehensive connection and interaction between machines and machines, between machines and people and between people. The Internet is not a simple pass data stream but combines intelligent hardware, big data, machine learning, and knowledge discovery technology, such as make a single machine, the intelligent control of key parts in the extension to the valve production process, to promote the implementation without manual intervention under the condition of the machine from the organization, the decision-making, the adaptive production, the realization of the intelligent manufacturing laid the foundation of interconnected.

The industrial Internet makes production definable. Traditional valve production relies heavily on fixed molds and fixed production lines. Raw materials, machines, equipment groups and other production facilities are all configured according to the maximum production demand. It is easy to cause great waste in an idle production period, and it is impossible to flexibly adjust the distribution in the production process. Under the condition of the industrial Internet, intelligent control of machines and open-source hardware is completed by software, and the chain of intelligent control is extended to each link of production through interconnection, promoting the transformation of the production process into an intelligent direction that can be defined, managed and executed by software. For example, the software can calculate production demand, flexible adjustment of raw material inventory; Can upgrade the machine function, increase its production capacity and scope of application; It can realize intelligent deployment of equipment, and configure its production tasks and workload as needed, and finally realize intelligent production.

The industrial Internet makes the dynamics of production adjustable. The production process coordination of traditional valve enterprises can only be realized in a small range between various departments and different workshops. Industrial Internet broke the boundaries of time and space, the integrated supply chain, customer relationship, such as manufacturing execution, enterprise resource system, for the entire supply chain of enterprise and partners to build an information-sharing platform, expanded production process will be coordinated to the whole supply chain and even across the supply chain, has realized the full advantage resources of the production process, the advantages of enterprise network configuration, realize the real socialization big production together.

5. High-End Valve Intelligent Manufacturing Cast The Chinese Dream

With the introduction of intensive policies in the field of intelligent manufacturing, it is an irresistible trend for China's valve industry to transform to intelligent manufacturing, and more and more enterprises take the initiative to embrace intelligent manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing can effectively shorten the valve development cycle, improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce operating costs and resource and energy consumption, this consensus has been basically formed in the whole society. The development of intelligent manufacturing will undoubtedly solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development of China's valve industry and play a historic and revolutionary role.

Since its establishment in 2014, Datong reciprocity group has actively integrated into the strategic deployment of "made in China 2025", attached great importance to technological innovation, and focused on improving the level of informatization and intelligence, so as to seize the first opportunity in the new round of scientific and technological changes, win the initiative and realize upgrading and development. At present, the company is the largest single valve manufacturer in the same industry in China. It takes the lead in the successful research and development of 4000m deep-sea valve and -196 ° c ultra-low temperature valve products in China. The project technology has reached the international advanced level and filled the gap of domestic high-end valve products. Last year, it invested a huge sum of money to build the country's largest intelligent automatic valve manufacturing workshop of 18,000 square meters. Nearly 10 employees only need 8 hours to complete the processing task of about 1,500 sets, realizing the maximization of production efficiency. Not only the labor cost is significantly reduced, but the product quality rate can also reach almost 100%. The production model of industry 4.0 has been launched, and it has become the banner and benchmark for the development of intelligent manufacturing in the industry. The valve products developed by the company are suitable for oil and gas, chemical, electric power, smelting, and water utility industries, and have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

In a new round of industrial revolution and industrial revolution of science and technology, the valve industry depth fusion using smart to make an important breakthrough point, today, countries are actively taking the high ground of the new round of development, the Internet and the fusion of traditional industries are that we should seize the opportunity and the commanding heights, valve enterprise must seize the historical opportunity, realize the valve manufacturing industry in China from the producer to produce power shift.

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