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Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Apr 09,2024

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The working principle for ball valves

The opening and closing parts for ball valves is a sphere with circular channel, rotating around the axis which is vertical with the channel. The sphere turn around with stem to make the channel closing or opening. We just need turn 90° and use a little turning power so can close the ball valves tightly. According to the needs of working condition, using different driving to produce many kinds of ball valves with different control ways, such as electrically operated ball valve, pneumatic operated ball valve, hydraulic ball valve and etc.

Ball valves' working principle:

When ball valves turn around 90°, inlet and outlet place all show spherical surface, so close the valve and cut off the flow.

When ball valves turn back 90°, inlet and outlet place should show the spherical shell, so opening the valve and have no resistance normally.

Opening                                                                 Closing

Ball Valves' Working Principle  Ball Valves' Working Principle

Ball valves' structure principle

1. Ball valves have no limit by the installation direction, the medium's flow can be arbitrary. The flow's resistance is a little, full diameter ball valves almost have no flow resistance.

2. Ball valves' structure is simple, relatively small size, light weight, easy to maintain.

3. Tightly and reliable. It has two sealing surface, the material for sealing face all be used by many kinds of plastics with good sealing, which can achieve complete sealing. It is used widely on the vacuum system.

4. A ball valve is applicable for frequent operation, opening and closing quickly and easily. Easy to operate, quick to open and close, just need turn 90°from fully open to fully close, convenient for remote control.

5. Easy to maintain, the structure is simple and sealing ring is generally active, demolition and replacement are more convenient.

6. with good sealing function. Once fully opening or fully closing, the floating top entry and sealing surface of the ball valve and ball seat is apart from the medium, when the medium goes through, will not make the erosion sealing surface.

7. Applicable for a wide range, port size from a few millimeters to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.

8. Because a ball valve have a wipe during the opening and closing, can be used in the medium with suspended solid particles.

9. Ball valve with a little flow resistance, have no vibration and with low noise.

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