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The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

Feb 18,2024

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The Importance of Check Valves

The check valve is a valve that automatically prevents the reverse flow of the medium by means of the force of the medium. The check valve belongs to the automatic type valve, that is, the valve that relies on the energy of the medium itself such as liquid, gas or steam as the power to open and close by itself.

Check valve structure Check valve classification, generally divided into lift, swing, butterfly and diaphragm and other types. The valve structure is mainly composed of bonnet, rocker, pin, valve disc and valve body. Check valves work on the simple principle of allowing fluid to flow in a specific direction and preventing fluid from flowing back or in the opposite direction.



As we all know, many people know that the function of the check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium, but many people may only know it and not know why. Therefore, it is necessary for MstnLand, a professional check valves exporter, to take everyone to fully understand the importance of the check valve and understand the little-known functions behind the check valve. In order to help you better understand the function of the check valve, we first put forward the assumption that when the check valve is in normal operation, what effect will the reverse flow of the medium have on the device that is in production? It is obviously a wise move to take a question to find an answer. We will break down this question, analyze it one by one and summarize it as follows:

1. Pressure: A complete set of production equipment is often accompanied by a high-pressure part area and a low-pressure part area. Then the high-pressure equipment needs to be connected to the low-pressure equipment according to the process design requirements. For safety reasons, it needs to be installed on the pipeline connecting the high and low pressure. Check valve. When the failure of the check valve causes the backflow of the medium, the pressure of the high-pressure equipment will be brought to the low-pressure equipment. At this time, the pressure from the high-pressure system to the low-pressure equipment will be far greater than the design pressure of the low-pressure equipment, resulting in low-pressure equipment. The equipment is crowded and exploded, causing damage to the equipment in the lightest case, and casualties in the severe case.

2. Product: In the integrated production process of petroleum refining and chemical industry, the process of processing and refining a product is often accompanied by other products produced by side reactions. When the check valve leaks and causes the medium to flow back, it will cause the main reaction product and the main reaction product. Mixing of by-reaction products will lead to unqualified products produced by the final device, and production will affect production efficiency. Of course, in addition to this, there is a worse situation, that is, the main and side reactions are mixed together and additional chemical reactions may occur. When the reaction is an exothermic reaction, it is likely to evolve into an uncontrollable release of a large amount of heat and explosion occurs.

3. Temperature: When the high-temperature medium controlled by the check valve operation fails, the high-temperature fluid will run around, which may cause burns to the operator; The alarm forced the device to stop production and production, which seriously affected the economic benefits of the factory.

4. Equipment: The inlet and outlet of moving equipment are often equipped with check valves to protect the equipment. First, when the check valve cannot normally prevent the reverse flow of the medium, it is very likely that the electric equipment will be overloaded or reversed, causing the equipment to be short-circuited and burned. Second, when the check valve cannot effectively control the reverse flow of the medium, it will also cause unstable work of the equipment, which will further affect the production of the device and cannot operate normally, affecting the benefits of the enterprise.

Based on the above, it can be seen that an inconspicuous check valve can cause such serious consequences that affect the whole body; it can be seen that the quality of a piece of equipment can play such a key role in the entire production operation; it can be seen that the craftsmen who make the valve can Spirit, responsible attitude to customers, how important and precious it is to let customers use their own valve products with peace of mind.

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