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Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

May 24,2024

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Safety Valves' Installation Preparation

Before the safety valve installation, we should check its structure and make sure its performance can be fully developed. In general, the structure for safety valve mainly shows in below items:

1. Make sure the safety valve keep in opening station. That is, the pipeline is heated first and the heat is transferred from pipeline to valve, so as to avoid prolonged heating of the valve itself.

2. If the safety valve allows the flux-coated part to stand upright, the moisture in the flux will be evaporated, at this time the dry flux maybe fall off, cause the exposed metal to oxidation. So it's required when connecting and assembling, the pipeline should be inserted into the pipe sleeve until it is blocked.

3. When assembling the safety valve should have stable support to make sure it is in a straight position during the brazing operation.

4. In order to keep normal temperature on all areas, should set up two welding guns. That is, the pipeline is heated first, then heating the connected parts by the acetylene flame.

5. Select the right amount of solder. If the solder is too much will cause some solder flow through the pipeline's blocking part, then blocking the sealing area; if the solder is too little, will not meet the installation requirement, then cause the failure of safety valve's installation. If used linear solder, use 3/4 solder for the valve with normal diameter 3/4''.

6. Threaded connection. If hard slag and dirt are not cleaned in time, will cause their continuous accumulation in the pipeline, so directly affects the work efficiency of the safety valve, then many works can not be developed normally. Therefore, clean the pipeline with air or steam in time to avoid the hard slag and dirt accumulation. At the same time, use as little pipe adhesive as possible on pipe threads and never use pipe adhesive on valve threads. In addition, do not let the pipe adhesive into the valve body to avoid damage to the disc and seat.

7. Before valve's installation, must cut off the flow to ensure valve works properly. At the same time, close the valve completely.

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