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The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

The Gate to Chemical Efficiency: How Gate Valve Suppliers Optimize Flow Control

Feb 18,2024

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Pipeline Valves-which Is Durable Between Butterfly Valves And Ball Valves?

Which is durable between butterfly valves and ball valves? This is not absolute, just rely on the working condition is more suitable for butterfly valves or ball valves.Here are the advantages and disadvantages of butterfly valves and ball valves for your reference:

Pipeline Valves-which Is Durable Between Butterfly Valves And Ball Valves      Pipeline Valves-which Is Durable Between Butterfly Valves And Ball Valves

Butterfly valve


1. simple construction,small volume,light weight,save consumables,used in large diameter;

2. quick opening and closing,small flow resistance;

3. can be used for the medium of suspended solid particle, according to the strength of seal surface can also be used for the powder and granular medium. Suitable for ventilation and dust removal pipeline’s two-way closing&opening and adjustment, and widely be used in minerals,light industry,power generation,oil and petrochemical system of gas pipelines and waterways.


1. The range for flow adjustment is a little, when open to 30%,flow will go into above 95%;

2. Because of the limit of construction and seal material, not suitable for high temperature and high pressure pipeline system. The common working temperature is under 300℃ and under PN40;

3. Compare with a ball valve and a globe valve,the seal function is worse, so suitable for the places where the sealing requirements are not very high.

Ball valves


1. low flow resistance;

2. can achieve quick closing and opening, some structure’s closing and opening time just is 0.05~0.1s, so can make sure to be used in automation system of the test bench. When open and close the valves quickly, the operation has no impact;

3. globe closing part can make position automatic on the edge area;

4. the working medium is sealed reliably on both sides;

5. when fully opened and fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and seats is apart from the medium, so the medium with high speed across the valve but will not cause the erosion of the sealing surface;

6 .tight construction and lightweight, can be considered as the most suitable valve structure on the low-temperature medium system

7. Valve body symmetry, especially for welded body design, can undertake the pressure from pipeline well; full welded ball valves, can be buried in the ground directly and make the valve inner parts apart from the erosion, the best using life can be 30 years, is an ideal valve for oil and gas pipeline.

MstnLand is a professional China valve manufacturer with our own globe valve factory which can provide various high quality globe valves.


1. because the main valve seat sealing ring’s material is PTFE, it is inert to almost all chemicals, and also has the characters of small friction, stable function, not easy to aging, wide temperature range and good sealing performance. But the PTFE's physical characters, including high coefficient of expansion, sensitivity to clod and poor thermal conductivity, require the seat seal design must be around those characters. So, when the sealing material hardens, the reliability of the seal is damaged. And, the PTFE's temperature range is low, just can be used on the condition of below 180℃, once above 180℃, the sealing material will be aging. Considering the long-term use, always be used below 120℃.

2. its adjustment function is worse than globe valves, especially for pneumatic valves or electric valves.

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