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Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

May 15,2023

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《Introduction to Several Gates of Gate Valve》

Wedge-type single-gate gate valve

The structure is simpler than that of the elastic gate valve;

At higher temperature, the sealing performance is not as good as that of elastic gate valve or double gate valve;

Suitable for high temperature medium that is easy to coke.


Flexible gate gate valves It is a special form of wedge type single ram. Compared with wedge gate valves, the sealing performance is better at high temperature, and the gate is less likely to be stuck after heating; Suitable for steam, high temperature oil products, oil and gas and other media, and suitable for frequent switching parts. Not suitable for easy coking medium.

Double disc gate valve

Better sealing performance than wedge gate valve, such as sealing surface Angle and seat fit is not very accurate, still has better sealing;

After the sealing surface of the gate is worn, change the metal pad at the bottom of the spherical center to a thicker one and you can use it. Generally, there is no need to surfacing and grinding the sealing surface, which is difficult to do with single gate and elastic gate.

More parts than other forms of gate valves;

In addition to suitable for steam, oil and other media, but also suitable for frequent switching parts and the sealing surface of the larger wear medium, not for easy to coking medium.

Parallel Gate Valve

The sealing performance is worse than that of other forms of gate valve;

Suitable for medium with low temperature and pressure;

Except that the gate with the fixed plate on the two gates is not easy to fall off, the gate that uses lead wire to fix the two gates is easy to fall off and is unreliable in use.

The processing and maintenance of the sealing surface of the gate and valve seat are simpler than other forms of gate valves.

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