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Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

Best Practices for Selecting and Installing Mining Valves

May 24,2024

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How to Choose and Maintain Globe Valve?

Choosing the suitable globe valve for the right function is crucial.

Here are some elements that you should consider before selecting a Globe Valve.

Type of Fluid

In this, you will consider the type of material that will be passing through the valve. Every fluid has its properties, and corrosive fluids react differently with different valve material. For example, valves used in sewage treatment plant are very different from the valves used onboard ship. It is better to perform thorough research to understand how the media will react with the valve. It is crucial because it can affect the output.


Once you are done with the media, then the next thing is the price. There are tons of websites and shops selling high-quality globe valve in different price ranges. So, look at as many shops and websites as you can and compare the price. This step will help you get the best possible deal.

Don't rush your purchase. Take your time in comparing and then choose the right one.


Look for the valve that will perfectly fit your system. Before buying, get to know about installation and assembly of the valve to know if this will be the perfect fit for your system.

Type of Globe Valve

There are three types of globe valve, and every valve has different properties and usage. Therefore, do consider the type of valve before buying a globe valve.

Dimensions of the Pipe and Valve

Dimensions of the valve are pretty necessary. In this, you will determine the length of the pipe and get a globe valve accordingly.


Construction is one of the most important things; it is vital for everything you are going to buy. In globe valve, the construction is beneficial because it will reduce the maintenance cost by preventing damage and will last for an extended period.

Common Causes of Valve Damage

Incompatible Material

It is one of the leading cause of valves failure. Sometimes the body material is good, but stem, disk and seat material are incompatible. The incompatible material is highly prone to wear and tear.

To avoid this issue, consider the compatibility of the entire valve before buying.

Exceeding Pressure and Temperature

The valve is not responsible for this damage. At times there is an acute change in pressure and temperature of the flowing fluid. This factor has severe damage on the stem, disk and seat of the valve.

Defective Actuator

The actuator is responsible for turning the handwheel to manage the entry and exit of the fluid. Choosing the wrong actuator will shorten the life of the globe valve. The incorrect voltage can cause overheating, which can cause a fire.

Incorrect Installation

Incorrect installation is rare, but it happens. It can be avoided by a comprehensive study of assembling and installing guide from installation.

Lack of Maintenance

Everything needs proper maintenance after each period of time. The same is the case with globe valves; they need special care and inspection after a while.

How to repair a Globe Valve?

Repairing a leakage in a globe valve is not difficult; here is how to properly repair the leakage in a globe valve.

1. After the diagnoses, turn off the water supply and open the valve to release any pressure.

2. Loosen the bolt where bonnet and body meet using a wrench. There will be two bolts at least and can be many depending on the size of the valve.

3. Take the valve out of the body and inspect.

4. If the leaking is internal, it must be due to a worn-out seat. So, make sure to change the seating for a perfect fit and to stop leakage.如果泄漏是内部的,那一定是由

5. If the leakage is external, then change the gasket to ensure a leakproof seal.

6. Then reassemble the globe valve and install it properly with the pipe.

7. Turn on the supply to inspect for any leakages.

Final Verdict

Globe valve is one of the most used valves in the industry. It has significance in many different industries. This article has covered almost every aspect of globe valves. If you are looking for globe valves, you can visit these platforms for a quality product. Or follow this repair guide to fix your globe valve.


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