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Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Apr 09,2024

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How Much Do You Know About Marine Butterfly Valves?

Marine butterfly valve is also called butterfly valve. As the name suggests, its key components are like butterflies facing the wind and swinging freely. The disc of the butterfly valve is a disc, which rotates around an axis in the valve seat. The size of the rotation angle is the opening and closing degree of the valve. The butterfly valve is a kind of valve that opens and closes according to the rotating valve stem and drives the disc to rotate. In the cylindrical passage of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped disc rotates around the axis, mainly by rotating the disc 90° to control the flow. , When the plate reaches 90°, the valve is in a fully open state, and the angle of the plate can be changed to adjust the flow of the medium, which is generally installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline.


1. Characteristics of marine butterfly valves

When the butterfly valve is fully opened, it has less flow resistance. When the opening is between about 15° and 70°, sensitive flow control can be performed, so the application of butterfly valves is very common in the field of large-diameter adjustment. Since the movement of the butterfly valve plate is wiping, most butterfly valves can be used for media with suspended solid particles. Depending on the strength of the seal, it can also be used for powdered and granular media.

Butterfly valves are suitable for flow regulation. Because the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, which is about three times that of the gate valve, when selecting the butterfly valve, the influence of the pipeline system by the pressure loss should be fully considered, the strength of the disc to withstand the pressure of the pipeline medium when it is closed should also be considered. In addition, the operating temperature limitations of the elastomeric seat material at elevated temperatures must also be considered.

The structure length and overall height of the butterfly valve are small, the opening and closing speed is fast, and it has good fluid control characteristics. The structure principle of butterfly valve is most suitable for making large-diameter valve, such as types of valves used onboard ship. When the butterfly valve is required to be used for flow control, the most important thing is to correctly select the specification and type of the butterfly valve so that it can work properly and effectively.

2. Pay attention to the tightness of the marine butterfly valves when using it

Marine butterfly valves are often used to replace traditional gate valves, globe valves and ball valves because of their prominence, such as a wide range of temperature and pressure suitable for use, good cut-off performance and long service life. With the continuous development of modern technology and materials, the application range of marine butterfly valves has far exceeded the past, and can almost replace most traditional marine valves.

Because the closing of the marine butterfly valve is the same as the closing of the gate valve, it is completed by torque. The greater the closing torque of the marine valve, the better the tight sealing of the valve seat. In the major inspection and repair of the factory, more and more marine butterfly valves have replaced gate valves. For this reason, some marine butterfly valve manufacturers have specially produced a marine butterfly valve with the same length as the gate valve, and this marine butterfly valve is called a gate valve. When the marine butterfly valve is used, the most important thing is the tightness of the product. Once there is a problem with the tightness of the product, there is no way to guarantee the product. You need to pay attention to whether the medium you are transporting is a high-temperature product or a corrosive liquid.

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