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Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

Process Description of Dissolved Air Flotation

May 15,2023

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graphene powder
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Graphene Powder


Product Description

MstnLand’s graphene powder is made of natural graphite and processed by chemical reoxidation process to obtain rGO. It has the advantages of high purity, large specific surface area, high stability, good compatibility with organic and inorganic materials, easy to disperse and grind, and can be used with polymer composite materials, coatings, coating materials and lubricating materials.

Technical Specifications




Black fluffy powder



Carbon content


Oxygen content


Lamellar diameter

0.5-5 um

Ash content


Analysis and testing

Infrared, XPS, Raman, XRD, TGA, SEM, TEM


5g/bottle, 10g/bottle, 20g/bottle, 40g/bottle, 50g/bottle, 100g/bottle, 200g/bottle, 400g/bottle



Product Advantages

  • High specific surface energy, good hydrophilicity, adsorption and mechanical properties.

  • Good dispersion stability in water and most polar organic solvents.

  • Good wettability and surface activity, can be stripped by small molecules or polymer intercalation.

  • It can improve the thermal, electrical, mechanical and other comprehensive properties of materials.

  • Electrical conductivity: Compared with GO, the defects introduced by the oxidation process were largely repaired by the reduced GO, and the electrical conductivity was significantly improved.

  • The powder of reduced GO is treated by special process, and the powder remains fluffy and has a high specific surface area.

  • Compared with conventional graphene, RGO also protects some oxygen-containing functional groups, and is significantly better than GO in terms of stability. As an adsorption material, it has a very obvious effect on the adsorption of heavy metals and organic dyes.

Applicable Fields

  • Fields of adsorption materials, thermal insulation materials, polymer composite materials, coating, coating materials and lubricating materials and so on.

  • Field of antistatic.

  • Field of corrosion protection.

Disposal and Storage

Operators should wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves, avoid direct contact with skin, and immediately rinse with plenty of water once entering eyes. Store tightly in a cool, ventilated and dry environment. Use as soon as possible after unpacking. The recommended storage temperature is from 5 to 35°C. Keep away from tinder and heat source, and store separately with strong reducing agent and flammable substance.

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