Graphene Oil Absorbing Sponge Ball

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Graphene based oil absorbing sponge is a kind of graphene based composite sponge which combines oil - and hydrophobic graphene with common commercial porous sponge.   It’s not only has the high strength and high resilience of sponges, but also has the hydrophobicity of graphene.   It's show a tunable pore structure and surface properties, and are mechanically strong.    They show high adsorption ability for various water contaminations such as dyes, oils and many other organic solvents.  And It can absorb 100 times its own weight of various oil and organic solvent pollutants.  When the sponge is treated with oil spill pollution instead of oil absorbing felt, it can still float on the water surface after absorbing oil, which is easy to salvage and recycle, and it can be reused more than thousands of times, repeatedly used by simple treatment without obvious structure and performance degradation.

Graphene Oil Absorbing Sponge Ball Application

Graphene based oil absorbing sponge can be used to deal with the oil leakage accidents in the process of oil exploitation, refining and transportation, as well as the organic solvent pollution used and discharged in the chemical industry.                                                                                                                                                     

The following are the common application fields of graphene based oil absorbing sponge:

  • Oil refining and petrochemical industry containing particulate matter catalytic oil slurry or other production units of oil slurry filtration Processing oily sewage in printing and dyeing,

  • Production enterprises of carbon black raw materials, Marine fuel, coking raw materials, needle coke/asphalt raw materials, residue cracking and hydrogenation raw materials, etc.

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