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Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Installation and Maintenance Best Practices for Loose Flange Connections

Apr 09,2024

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What is Fluorine-lined valve

Features of Fluorine-lined butterfly valve

Fluorine-lined valve, also known as fluoroplastic lined corrosion-resistant valve, is a process of processing polytetrafluoroethylene or other polymer materials, and then placing the lining on the inner surface of steel or iron valve equipment by molding or inlaying. (inner wall), this type of valve is mainly used in anti-corrosion medium, it can help us to protect the valve equipment well, avoid corrosion, and prolong the service life of the valve.

The difference between fluorine-lined butterfly valve and metal butterfly valve

Fluorine-lined valve products include fluorine-lined diaphragm valve, fluorine-lined globe valve, fluorine-lined ball valve, etc. Its manufacturing technology includes the formulation of adhesive and its production process. The adhesive can make the lining glue have a strong affinity with the pipe wall, and has the advantages of good resistance to dust, anti-scaling, and long service life. In order to make the valve have both the strength of metal and the characteristics of corrosion resistance. The fluorine-lined valve has dual functions of switching and flow adjustment, which can easily open and close the gas circuit without affecting the flow, ensuring the repeatability of the flow. It starts slowly, reducing the impact of instantaneous pipeline pressure on the instrument. Quite a damper is added, which greatly increases the service life of the needle valve. 

Why The  lining material of a lined valve is important?

The fluorine-lined valve is specially used to control corrosive or strong corrosive medium. The surface of the valve body cavity is covered with various fluoroplastics, which are suitable for different working temperatures and fluid pipelines, and have the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance. So fluorine-lined valve is one of types of valves used onboard ship. The working conditions and environment of fluorine-lined valves are very harsh. They are either toxic and harmful chemicals, or various types of acid-base or organic solvents with strong corrosiveness. A little improper use may cause major economic losses and serious consequences.

How to select the Fluorine-lined butterfly valve? 

The most critical aspect of a lined valve is its lining material. Different materials are suitable for different media, different pressures and different temperatures, so we should choose materials and equipment suitable for this process boldly and carefully when selecting valves. The more representative materials for lining in the valve industry are mainly non-metallic polymer materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, polyperfluoroethylene propylene and fluororubber, which often have excellent chemical stability, high heat resistance, low temperature resistance and very low friction coefficient. So it can be seen as one of wastewater valves types. Because of its low friction coefficient, it has excellent self-lubricating function, but its mechanical properties are low, its fluidity is general, and its thermal expansion coefficient is large. When you choose various types of fluoroplastic lined valves, you should first understand and be familiar with the performance and technical conditions of the equipment as much as possible, so as to choose and use it well, so as to maximize the production efficiency.

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