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What is a V-port Valve?

What is a V-port Valve?

May 14,2022

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Classification and Other Knowledge of Valves

Nowadays, in order to meet the actual needs of the country, the valve production technology is becoming more and more mature. There are many types of valves, and their classification difficulty is also increasing. Today, MSTN International Technologies Companypopularizes common valve classification related knowledge. Of course, if it is a special customized use case, its function principle and purpose will be different. At present, the most commonly used valve classification methods in the world are as follows.

Ⅰ. Different types of valves based on the drive mode

(1) Electric: Driven by a motor or other electrical device.

(2) Hydraulic: Driven by (water, oil).

(3) Pneumatic: Using compressed air to drive the valve to open and close.

(4) Manual: Driven by human power with the help of handwheels, handles, levers or sprockets, etc. When transmitting large torque, it is equipped with deceleration devices such as worm gears and gears.

Ⅱ. Different types of valves based on the structural characteristics and direction

(1) Gate shape: The closing member moves along the center of the vertical valve seat.

(2) Gate shape: The closing member moves along the center of the valve seat.

(3) Plug and ball: The closing piece is a plunger or ball that rotates around its own centerline.

(4) Swing shape: The closing member rotates around the axis outside the valve seat.

(5) Disc: The disc of the closing piece, which rotates around an axis in the valve seat.

(6) Slide valve shape: the closing member slides in the direction perpendicular to the channel.

Ⅲ. Different types of valves based on the purpose

(1) For breaking: Used to connect or cut off the pipeline medium, such as globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.

(2) Check use: Used to prevent the backflow of the medium, such as a check valve.

(3) Adjustment: Used to adjust the pressure and flow of the medium, such as regulating valve and pressure reducing valve.

(4) Distribution: Used to change the flow direction of the medium and distribute the medium, such as three-way cock, distribution valve, slide valve, etc.

(5) Safety valve: When the medium pressure exceeds the specified value, it is used to discharge excess medium to ensure the safety of the pipeline system and equipment. Such as safety valve, accident valve.

(6) Other special purposes: Such as steam traps, discharge valves, drain valves, etc.

Ⅳ. Different types of valves based on medium, temperature, pressure and material

(1) The higher the pressure, the thicker the flange wall of the valve needs to be, or the whole valve is forged.

(2) The general valve body of water system is mainly made of ductile iron, medium: water, foam; temperature: normal temperature.

(3) The general valve body of chemical industry is mainly made of cast steel and stainless steel, medium: oil, steam; temperature: high temperature.

The above is the popularization of knowledge about different types of valves introduced to you according to the driving method, use, structure, temperature, medium, etc., hoping it can be helpful to everyone.

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